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Spore print of one of the most classic Cubensis strains.
The spores colour can variate from dark brown to black.

Spores must be germinated into a sterile substrate where mycelium colonization will take place under incubation conditions.

Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher is known for producing medium to big sized mushrooms .
The stem is particularly thick when compared to other Cubensis , and the cap has a beautiful golden colour ( as the name suggests).

It is also considered one of the strongest Cubensis on earth, and the legend says that it will always teaches something to those ones who ingest it.

Incubation temperature (mycelium running) : 27-28 degrees celsius
Fruiting temperature (mushrooms fruiting) : 20-25 degrees celsius.

Humidity required while fruiting: above 90 % is recommended , slightly lower rate will still allow pinning , but it will take longer time.

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