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We take mushrooms seriously , in all their aspects. We believe they can be a powerful tool and source for all humanity. Our ancestors were already keen of the potential power of them and that is why we respect them. The way fungi creates underground connections between plants and other organisms is an example for all of us . If you want to learn more about this magical kingdom visit our MUSHBLOG .

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Mushrooms Grow kits , spore prints , spore syringes , fungi handcrafted art and merchandise, are all products available on our webshop. Moved by the passion for nature we will always work to provide the best quality products made with love by our experts in our MUSHLAB. You can also order and contact us through our email : info@mushlove.nl

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We don't have all the answers ! But mushrooms gave us some ... Fungi are used in: Food, Medicine, Research, Textile industries and Soil cleaning projects. We Study Mycology in all its kind of branches, therefore we love all kind of mushrooms: Edible, Medicinal and Psychedelic ones. Some of them still don't have a good reputation though. Species containing ''Psilocybin'' are still forbidden in many countries even after the discovery of their properties. Making Spores, Growkits, and a blog where to openly discuss and Inform People is our way to spread the knowledge and love fungi thought us. MUSHLOVE.

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